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Introducing the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion (RIM) has officially entered the tablet world. April 19 is the date that the BlackBerry PlayBook is going to hit stores at $499. An article on Mashable reviews the product and discusses whether or not they think it can hold its own against the iPad and Android tablets.

The first thing they note is the PlayBook is only 7 inches, which is a “tweener” compared to the 10-inch iPad, according to Steve Jobs. He states the size is too much of an in between– too big to be a smartphone, but too small to be a tablet. However, the author of the Mashable article makes it a point to say that since the PlayBook’s resolution is so high, which makes the text clear and the graphics bright, it feels very similar to the iPad. Their main complaint about the size is that it’s difficult to read in portrait mode, but much better in landscape mode. The author notes that this is a huge drawback.

Other positives about the PlayBook include the familiar interface, accessing notifications and its ability to multitask. The article goes into detail about how switching from one application to another is seamless and would be a “presenter’s dream.”

Some negatives include the lack of quality apps, which is not a new complaint for BlackBerry, and that users would need to hook up their BlackBerry devices to the PlayBook in order to access their mail and messages. The information from their device is not able to store on the PlayBook, however, which some may find inconvenient. Those without a BlackBerry device will have to use another web client for e-mail.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to the PlayBook. As of now, the main appeal is pretty much just towards those who already own a BlackBerry device because of the limited e-mail capabilities, but RIM plans to tackle these complaints for future versions. To read the full review, you can visit the article here.