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Say Goodbye to the Flip Video Camera

According to an article on Mashable published yesterday, the production of the Flip video camera by Cisco is being shut down. Cisco announced Tuesday that it will “exit aspects of its consumer businesses.” Apparently the product did not have a very long shelf life.

The article by Christina Warren discusses how the whole appeal of the Flip was replaced by video cameras that are now being built into smartphones, such as the Blackberry and iPhone. The Flip allowed consumers to take video and then easily upload it to the web and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. An extra pro for the smartphone is the built-in internet access– consumers can upload their videos straight to the web, without a computer, which was not possible with the Flip.

While Warren states in her article that the Flip was “simply an intermediary product” and “a product that disrupted markets before moving aside for a true successor,” it seems that many people do not agree with her nor the discontinuation move by Cisco. The Flip was an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a significantly more expensive smartphone with a data plan and access to a video camera (which all smartphones do NOT have).

According to the comments section beneath Warren’s article, the Flip provided users with the ability to take longer, better quality videos than a smartphone allows. Users also gripe that not everyone wants (or is able to) purchase an expensive smartphone, especially just for video-taking purposes.

So it seems that there are many different views on the shutdown of the Flip. Some people are very upset about it while others think that it was bound to happen eventually. What do you think? Is there still a market for a product like the Flip, or was Cisco right in stepping aside and letting smartphones move in?