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2011: The Year of the Mobile?

The phrase “year of the mobile” has been thrown around for the past few years, so hearing it again this year isn’t surprising. What makes 2011 different, however, is that Facebook CTO Bret Taylor has said this year they are going to be focusing a lot more on their mobile division. And when Facebook says something, people listen.

According to Todd Wasserman’s article on Mashable, there are three big potential areas for growth within Facebook’s mobile operations. These represent a great opportunity for marketers to capitalize on them.

      1. Mobile Friendcasting

Retailers offering consumers a mobile site accessible via text message or QR-code will allow those consumers to share their purchases with their Facebook friends. This will become easier and more common as Facebook gets more companies involved with Facebook Places, according to David Augme, the CEO of Augme Technologies.

This means that a new form of advertising comes from these deals being sent to the site. Mobile to Facebook advertising.

      2. Deals

Facebook introduced Deals as a part of their Places platform last November. It offers time sensitive, Groupon-like deals based on location. Expanding Deals will give retailers more incentive to take part in it. If a Facebook user makes a purchase using Deals, which then gets posted on their Facebook account, all of  their friends will see the deal and thus be more likely to purchase from that same retailer. Basically, it’s giving the participating company more awareness.

      3. Phoneless Check-Ins

According to Mark Roberti, editor of RFID Journal, phoneless check-ins make take a while to catch on and go mainstream, but the technology definitely opens up a whole world of opportunity. They make sense at places like waterparks, ski resorts or other events where people might not bring their phones.

Examples of past uses of phonless check-ins are: via RFID-enabled bracelets at the Coca-Cola Amusement Park in Israel, at Vail Resorts and at a New York Marathon sponsored by Asics where the runner’s tag could be read by an RFID reader.

Mobile and social media is the way the future is heading and combining the two can be a huge opportunity for both marketers and retail companies alike. If marketers don’t jump on the trend while it’s still growing, they might find themselves missing out.



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